About Kansas Continental Express

For over 28 years, Kansas Continental Express has been providing shipping logistics and freight transportation throughout North America. Our years of expertise and dedicated staff ensure prompt services and detailed tracking of your freight from Canada to Mexico.

KCXI Staff
David P. Trelc, General Manager
Wendell S. McLean, Manager - Customer Service
John Mercer, Manager - Customer Service
Jim Sanborn, Manager - Customer Service
Erin Mercer, Administrative Assistant
Heidi Bledsoe, Billing Specialist

Doug Morgan, Manager - Lawrence, KS Office
Pam Morgan, Manager - Lawrence, KS Office

Shane Moore, La Junta, CO Office

Contact KCXI:
To receive a freight quote, please call 800-424-2216 or email us the Òorigin + destinationÓ and Òfreight type + weightÓ.